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Sample Retention and Disposal Policies

In order to get the accurate testing results, following our instructions is needed when submitting your samples to G & L Laboratories. Learn about our receiving, retention, reporting, and quality assurance testing process to get started so that you are confident of our testing services and assure you to meet the standards of AOAC, DEP, DPH, EPA and FDA.

Test Samples

Shipping and Handling

Samples should be kept in original package to minimize handling, exposure, or contamination during shipment. Appropriate containers must be used to ship samples. Perishable items must be enclosed in coolers and shipped via overnight carrier. Nonperishable items may be boxed and shipped for overnight or ground delivery.

Receiving Samples

When receiving samples, we properly document the receipt and store the containers under designated temperature or ambient conditions throughout the storage period. We also have the capability to establish a valid chain of custody starting at the point of sample collection and adhering to the required standards for handling and reporting.

Sample Retention and Disposal

When it comes to sample retention, we store samples under designated temperatures or ambient conditions for up to 30 days after delivery of the final report. Unless other arrangements are made, samples will be discarded after that time.

Reporting Results

Laboratory report(s) or laboratory certificate(s) can be in a format most suited to your needs. Whether you require traditional printed report(s) via mail, fax or electronic file(s) delivered via email, we will format result(s) to meet your needs. Our staff can help you to understand or interpret the analytical result(s) you receive.